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Become an Ad Store

To be or not to be part of our Human Network? Some good reasons to say "yes."

We’ll be friends

We are not just a group of agencies. We’re people you can count on. Becoming an Ad Store agency is more than signing a contract, it means being part of a reliable and close-knit team you can always count on.

What’s mine is yours

If the Ad Store network participates in an international pitch, your agency will be involved. If new business opportunities come up in your market, you’ll be the first to know. You can rest assured that you’ll find maximum transparency, at any time. That’s what friends are for.

Proud to be different

Our approach makes us unique and that’s why we protect our network with a registered trademark, which is granted with an exclusive license in each country.

Brand & Image

All great teams have a distinctive uniform: if you choose to join our network we’ll give you the Ad Store logo, brand image and a website template.

Marketing support

We’ll give you constant visibility on all our network communication tools, from our corporate website to our social media marketing projects, up to our digital PR activities. We’re a team, and each player deserves to be valued.

The Ad Store board

We have a democratic structure: all agencies have the same relevance and when we make decisions we do it all together. For this reason we’ve created an executive board that represents each and all agencies.

We close the gaps

You’ll always be able to count on a dedicated resource taking care of the network’s international coordination and on a digital platform to monitor internal pitches.

Our annual convention

A great chance to meet in person and get to know each other better, but also to have fun and party!

Get in touch

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