Five Pillars To Designing A Successful Growth Strategy For Your Agency

Becoming a million-dollar-revenue agency is a dream that many of us want to achieve. It would mean that all your efforts put you on the right track for success and that more doors can soon open to your business.

However, we need to also remind ourselves that this is a time when new agencies keep popping up in the marketing space -- from SEO to social media, and from those specializing in specific industries to full-service agencies. It is a moment when the competition is pretty big and may leave clients disoriented in their process to select the right partner. With this panorama in front of us, the question is: How can agencies set themselves up for growth?

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Pitch perfect – How to bring your creative pitch to the next level
Creative pitches are the craziest and most surrealistic moment of a creative agency’s life. Iconically associated with the advertising industry, they define and sum up how crazy and unpredictable our job can be. But how can you prepare for a creative pitch effectively and bring the pitch experience to the next level? After years and years of successful and less successful pitches, I identified 9 key aspects that can help you plan and manage your creative pitch preparation effectively:
Giulio Nadotti
Creative Director, Italy
Brands, Subcultures & Social Activism
Subcultures are increasingly influencing Brands. Brands are drawing new inspiration from subcultures and learning from them how to start new dialogs about particularly important topics, such as social activism. Why is this change so important and where does it stem from?
Luca Eremo
Senior Art Director, Italy