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Monetisation in the creative industry. Do ideas make money?

Since the early 2000s the growth rate of creative services has increased by 17% year on year. Today, the volume of the global creative industries market amounts to around $104.2 billion and it may exceed $1T by 2024.(1) Pretty impressive, right?

Valdemar Pires
General Manager, US

Creativity vs Brain: a way of living

It’s been said before: creativity is a way of living and working in communication inherently implies a significant aptitude towards creativity. But did you know that our brains are not meant to be creative?

Luis Chica Fuentes
Creative Director, Spain

Stranger insights: we don’t know they exist, but they do.

Insights are something that we, as advertisers, never stop chasing and searching for. While representing a pivotal element in building a campaign, insights are really hard to find. In our industry, looking for insights is a bit like throwing yourself into a Pokemon chase - you never know where it might lead you. But what is the real nature of an insight? What are they? What are they not? And how can you set yourself to find them?

Giulio Nadotti
Creative Director, Italy

The NFT Strategy for us AD peeps

If you’re overwhelmed by the world of NFT you shouldn’t be, because it honestly takes a good 10 hours of solid YouTube research to understand what they are all about, plenty of YouTube channels out there to get your knowledge up to par on what they are, and especially for us, how to think from a brand perspective on that NFT collection for your client and how to properly launch it.

Bruno El Adm
GCC Regional Manager, UAE

Digital PR: Workflow & Best Practices

An efficient management of Digital PR projects is a key aspect in the life of any full-service agency such as The Ad Store. In this article, Digital PR & Influencer Specialist Margherita Cavallotti will guide us through the dos and don’ts of this fascinating branch of marketing.

Margherita Cavallotti
PR & Media Relations, Italy

The perfect project (doesn’t exist)

What is a project and which are the different approaches to manage a project effectively? And what are the main pillars of the Agile Project Management approach? Managing a project using an agile approach requires the adoption of an agile mindset by the whole team. One of the key aspects of the Agile approach is that of servant leadership as a key resource to empower teams.

Martina Uggeri
Project Manager, Italy & UAE

Brands, Subcultures & Social Activism

Subcultures are increasingly influencing Brands. Brands are drawing new inspiration from subcultures and learning from them how to start new dialogs about particularly important topics, such as social activism. Why is this change so important and where does it stem from?

Luca Eremo
Senior Art Director, Italy

Pitch perfect – How to bring your creative pitch to the next level

Creative pitches are the craziest and most surrealistic moment of a creative agency’s life. Iconically associated with the advertising industry, they define and sum up how crazy and unpredictable our job can be. But how can you prepare for a creative pitch effectively and bring the pitch experience to the next level? After years and years of successful and less successful pitches, I identified 9 key aspects that can help you plan and manage your creative pitch preparation effectively:

Giulio Nadotti
Creative Director, Italy

The M-Factor: the relevance of music in advertising

Year 1880. Music and advertising meet for the first time. The product? The first funicular railway on Mount Vesuvius, in Naples, Italy. The song? “Funiculì Funiculà”, a musical invitation to step aboard and try such an innovative means of transportation. The lyrics “Jamme, jamme 'ncoppa, jamme jà Funiculì, funiculà!” convey what could be considered as a primal form of call to action. The budding copywriter was a journalist, Giuseppe Turco, while the music was composed by Luigi Denza (1).

Antonella de Gironimo
Strategist, Italy

Fashion Email Marketing in the Age of the “New Normal”

Stores closed with stocks hanging on the racks, operations and deliveries hindered, new launches and new shootings canceled or frozen due to travelling bans. There’s no doubt that fashion is one of the industries that has been most heavily impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Cristiano Sturniolo
Founder & Senior Advisor, The Hitch Lab

Covid-19 Communications Best Practices

With the aim of supporting our clients navigate the Covid-19 crisis and steer their communication efforts in the right direction, we analyzed how brands dealt with the Coronavirus emergency and lockdowns.

Giulio Nadotti
Creative Director, Italy

Covid-19: the new rules

In times like these, the temptation is to try to provide inspiration. I believe nobody can claim to have any or all of the answers for anything right now. That’s quite a mouthful for someone that does not believe in absolutes.

Mike Palma
Consultant, US

6 Design Trends for 2020

If 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade, the year 2019 already showed some signs of innovation that will get momentum in the year to come. So, what comes next? In my job I constantly monitor and visit blogs, magazines and websites from different domains and can’t help noticing and spotting current and new styles and trends.

Matthias Kroeger
Creative Director, Germany

The Fashion Industry – Trends & Insights

In an industry made of countless brands of all ages and positionings, the ones that are to survive and thrive will have to be able to correctly interpret and act upon the changes that are revolutionizing not only the fashion industry, but society and business at large. In this article I will try and outline the most relevant changes and trends that fashion brands are experiencing at the moment.

Luca Eremo
Senior Art Director, Italy

Five Pillars To Designing A Successful Growth Strategy For Your Agency

Becoming a million-dollar-revenue agency is a dream that many of us want to achieve. It would mean that all your efforts put you on the right track for success and that more doors can soon open to your business.

Daniela Pavan
General Manager, US

Can we train our creative muscles?

Ever wonder what the most desirable quality is in future leaders? According to a survey conducted by the World Economic Forum, the answer is creativity, described as "The ability to come up with unusual or clever ideas about a given topic or situation, or to develop creative ways to solve a problem.

Daniela Pavan
General Manager, US

International Marketing Communications – Challenges and Solutions

When you need to manage international marketing and communication projects to export your brand or product to new countries, it’s useful to take a thorough, humble and well-structured approach to the task, keeping some relevant key aspects in mind and following two golden rules: don’t take anything for granted and rely on the know-how of experienced professionals. Because – it should go without saying – addressing users from different markets is far more complex and riskier than trying to engage an audience you know like the back of your hand.

Angela Melegari
International Coordinator

Powerpoint & takeaway food, the art of presentation design

In our profession, presentations are the core of our work and the way we present, visually, verbally and physically, is key to our job. A presentation is our face, the frontline of what we’re selling, no matter if it’s a budget, a brand strategy, creative stuff or a social media editorial plan. Even the tiniest and least important project deserves to be presented properly.

Giulio Nadotti
Creative Director, Italy

Intelligent Advertising & Storytelling

Marketing is changing. And the approach that we’ve commonly used no longer keeps up with this shift. In the old days, our marketing mix was ruled by Jerome McCarthy’s 4 Ps: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Now we need to focus on the human side and rather follow another model that we believe to be more consumer-centric - the 4Cs developed by Robert Lauterborn: Consumer, Cost, Convenience and Communication. These should be the bases of every marketing strategy. But what differs between the two?

André Arrátel Torrão
Social Media & Project Manager, Portugal

Art & Creativity

In my over 15 years of experience as an award winning painter and Creative Director, during which I’ve had the chance to cooperate and come in contact with outstanding creatives and artists – The Ad Store’s founder Paul Cappelli, creative founding partner of TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris John Hunt, Kenian artist Cyrus Kabiru and Moyo Okedigi, Professor at the University of Texas, USA – I have juggled between galleries and ad agencies, and I see a very strong correlation between art and creativity.

Chipika Simanwe
Creative Director, Zambia

Retail Renaissance

A new playbook for the retail & fashion industry to deal with undisciplined consumers. Business leaders are frequently quoting that “the only certainty is change”. They couldn’t be righter but yet so many companies lack the necessary set of attitudinal and behavioral competences that can truly drive change.

Nuno Reis Teixeira
Data scientist, marketer and researcher for ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

In The Era Of Individuality, How Can Brands Create Successful Relationships With Their Consumers?

We live in a crazy busy world, overwhelmed every day with pieces of information coming from many sources. We are all online almost 24/7, checking our social media profiles or posting selfies. Computers, mobile phones, tablets -- it doesn't matter the device, we want to be able to have access to whatever we want anywhere, at any time.

Daniela Pavan
General Manager, US

The benefits of social media listening

How important is it to listen to your target in developing a communication project? We believe that listening is of the utmost importance - the foundation of any creative strategy and project. Read this article and discover a list of the main Social Media Listening tools, why you should use them and to what advantage.

Mustafa Hussein
Dynamic Creative Strategist, Egypt

The perfect project management recipe

The right mix of planning, monitoring, and controlling can make the difference in completing a project on time, on budget, and with high quality results.

Mwanza Mpepo
Country Manager, Zambia

Creativity Around The Corner

Art is all around us but that’s not to say it’s not difficult. Creativity is volatile and unpredictable at times. Often, right at the peak of inspiration, the mind wanders and is bogged down by distractions.

Nader Khalil
Managing Director & Creative Director, Egypt

SEO copywriting: words that convert

What is SEO copywriting? How much can it impact on generating traffic to a website, blog, landing page? How can you reach the highest rank in search engines?

Antonella de Gironimo
Strategist, Italy

Healthcare Digital Revolution

Today, the relations between a brand operating in the pharmaceutical industry and its users are no longer as smooth and streamlined as in the past. It has become multi-faceted. Both doctors and patients have many communication channels to do exhaustive research and get tons of complex information.

Remus Frunza
Managing Director, Romania

Premiumization, chainification, fast casual: a food retail glossary

The restaurant sector is at a turning point. The impact of digital and other changes in consumer needs have led the industry players to change their business model in order to generate higher profits. In order to fully understand this evolution, we have identified some keywords that businesses who are committed to facing and winning the current challenges might find useful, especially in a market that we at The Ad Store know pretty well.

Giulio Nadotti
Creative Director, Italy

Branding best practices for 2018

First thing first: branding is complex. To cover all its aspects, we would need to publish a Tolkien-style trilogy! Nevertheless, we’ll try and summarise in this article some essential principles every successful brand should live by. Let’s start from a fundamental distinction.

Daniel Blattler

How do you revitalize an airline’s digital image?

We explained our process in an interview for Ninja Marketing. The first thing to mention is that, like any planning activity, a digital restyling project is a complex activity in its own nature.

Stefano Peschiera
Web & UX Designer, Italy

Know your customer: the challenges of digital transformation

Knowing your customer is an absolute priority within Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Customer Engagement, Onboarding or Customer Centricity strategies. It’s a critical success factor for brands in order to build a relevant and significant relationship with their consumer base.

Valdemar Pires
General Manager, US

Destination marketing in 8 simple steps

According to an international survey conducted by Destination Analysts, people find inspiration for choosing a destination from the opinions of their friends and relatives first, followed closely by travel content found online.

Davide Rapetti
Digital Director, Italy

How to create a consumer-centric communication strategy

Increasingly connected but also increasingly cautious: this is what consumers look like according to Connected Life, a Kantar TNS research study that examined trust among consumers in late 2017.

Anna Bianchi
Marketing Specialist, Italy

The human side of chatbot

Imagine you're in a shop and need some advice for your next purchase. You look around but can't find anyone to help. What would you do?

Andrea Tangredi
Indigo AI, Italy

Design Thinking: the human-centered approach to business

Nowadays, Design Thinking is an incredibly popular buzzword. Brands such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Ebay, IKEA, have adopted this methodology and integrated it in their product development cycles.

Daniela Pavan
General Manager, US