Sardinia Region
"All dreams are welcome" - a multilingual video campaign promoting tourism to Sardinia.

Communicating the touristic offer of Sardinia while changing its positioning as a summer destination. Increasing out-of-season demand. Promoting internationally an island full of beaches as well as natural and cultural attractions. These were the objectives of the destination campaign we developed for Regione Sardegna, with a strong and impactful message: “All dreams are welcome”. This campaign showcases the sightseeing options of Sardinia, a land that can offer dream holidays - and not only in summer season.

The campaign was planned Europe-wide and takes the form of a sort of travel diary, with breathtaking images and an original soundtrack reinterpreting the traditional sounds of traditional instrument launeddas in a contemporary way. The storytelling stresses on the welcoming spirit of Sardinia, through the voices of testimonials who are living their personal dream on the island.

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